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A bad turn of events


24:23 Min. Feet & Sneaks 35%, Humiliation with Spit & Piss 35%, Kicks & Slaps 20%, Socks 10%

A bad turn of events for the slave: Master Otis comes back from holiday a day earlier than planned. The Master is horrified when he comes in and sees the state of the living room. His slave is lazing on the sofa and clearly isn't quite sober. Empty schnapps bottles and a full ash tray bear witness to the fact that the stupid loser has been breaking all the rules. With fury in his belly and without mercy., the Master hands out his slave vicious slaps that really ring out. Even more painful are the kicks which rain down on the slave. Later on, Otis beats the loser with a kind of walking stick. Otis has travelled a long way and is really sweaty. The slave gets to smell and to taste this as he gets his tongue to work on Otis' dirty sneaks. The stink coming from the socks is really strong. The crowning point of all this though is the damp, warm feet. While all this is going on, Otis fills up the slave with huge quantities of nasty snot which he hawks up. The slave also gets to taste warm piss straight from the source. – We've rarely seem Master Otis so brutal and unsparing as we do in this clip. You'll barely believe how much the slave has to take.

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